Saturday, 3 March 2012

ACW Adventures in Basing No.3

I've finally finished basing all of the Union and Confederate 20mm plastics.  It took me a few months of patient plodding but I got there.  They are now all based for Regimental Fire & Fury and/or Black Powder on 30mm x 40mm MDF bases I got from eBay, decorated with coarse shelly sand from my local East Lothian beach, some various bits of landscaping gravel and standard autumn flock.
Here are some of my classic Airfix figures now based up.  Note that I didn't repaint any of them (or give them authentic flags), for reasons of nostalgia mainly (not necessarily laziness).  The front row officer is a converted Airfix French Foreign Legion officer and the standard bearer beside him is a converted Revell ACW figure (I think).
These are Revell figures (made by Accurate now according to the Plastic Soldier Review website) that I converted to Zouaves a while ago...
...and these are some of the Confederates, which I think are Esci.
Just a group photo of about two thirds of the union troops - say cheese!  And finally...
...a poignant little vignette using Esci and Revell figures.  The fence is made from matches.

I've still to base up the artillery and cavalry but at least the infantry are now all done.