Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Lost at Sea

Well, this is my first post this year, and in fact the first one since September.  Basically I've been away a lot, starting with Montenegro in September, followed by a week in Uganda and then another long week in Uzbekistan in January.

I've also been working on a project in Ukraine so it seems that I am the go-to person in my company for countries brought to you by the letter U.  And in fact with three out of a possible four in the bag (USA, UK and UAE don't count) I was thinking that perhaps Montenegro was an adminstrative error and it should have been Montevideo instead, thus completing the set.

But I haven't stopped thinking about wargaming all the while and in fact I took my copies of the naval rules General Quarters 1 and 2 with me all the way to Karakalpakstan in western Uzbekistan for some light reading and a reminder of normality (particularly as my luggage never made it further than Tashkent for the week).
German wrecks
Anyway, here are a few things I have been working on should I ever have time to get some naval wargaming done.  Yes, scratch built sinking ships in 1/3000 scale to go with my small (yet growing) fleet of Navwar WW1 ships, not to mention the splash markers that I prepared earlier.
Bottoms up
I made these from some spare bits of balsa sanded to shape, polystyrene off-cuts and pin heads for the turrets (where visible).
British wrecks
They have yet to be used in battle but I have plans...which no doubt I'll get around to once I get back from Uganda and/or Uzbekistan, which ever one I have to go to first.


Martin said...

Excellent sunken ships. Just getting into naval warfare, awaiting the arrival of the miniature fleets. Downloaded General Quarters last night for a read. Trying to decide which rule set to use, probably end up with a hybrid. Really like some of the ideas in Paul Hagues Naval Wargaming. Anyway thanks for the blog, I'm really enjoying it.

The Wishful Wargamer said...

Thanks for your comments - I try to make it amusing. We use GQ2 for WW1 naval (there are some useful modifications out there on the internet), although I am a big fan of Paul Hague's books. I even have the earlier "Sea Battles in Miniature" (bought with my birthday money in 1981) as well as his later "Naval Wargaming". We did use the rules in "Sea Battles in Miniature" to play out part of Jutland at one point. His rules on carriers and submarines in "Naval Wargaming" are interesting too. Cheers WW.