Saturday, 28 February 2015

WSS Danish - Regiment Livgarde til Fods

I've caught the painting bug again and managed to finish the second of my War of the Spanish Succession (WSS) Danish regiments this week.  This is the Livgarde til Fods regiment with their distinctive straw-yellow coats and carmine facings and breeches.
Figures are from Blue Moon (15mm/18mm) and my painting guide was a combination of CS Grant's books (The Armies and Uniforms of Marlborough's Wars Vols I & II) and the booklet by CA Sapherson (the Danish Army 1699-1715), both from Caliver.  I like these figures in the march attack pose, particularly as there are about three variants of each type.
My plan is to paint the six Danish infantry regiments present at Blenheim, comprising Scholten's command and I have started with Bielke's Brigade, completing the Regiment Prince George previously (which now has flags, incidentally).
For the guard regiment I tried to make the shading a bit more pronounced than my first effort with Prince George and, after undercoating in black, I used ochre as the coat shade colour and brick red for the facings and breeches.  These were then completed in yellow (Revell acrylic 15) and Carmine (Revell acrylic 36) leaving plenty of the shade layer showing through.  I think that the coats are meant to have red lace up the front but I tried that and it didn't look right so I just stuck with the simple yellow coats and red cuffs.  I'm quite pleased with the results overall.
Flags came from this site which I just printed out and glued on.  The Blue Moon standard bearers have cast flag poles and I did consider drilling them out and replacing with brass rod, but with the flags glued on they seem a bit more robust so we shall see how that goes.  Anyway, next up is Prince Carl's regiment which is back to the basic Danish light grey coat with yellow facings, which I hope to finish in the next few weeks.  We shall see...


Ray Rousell said...

Excellent brushwork, one of my Fav units of the Wars, with the Straw coat!

Phil said...

Well done, a beautiful uniform and a beautiful paint job!