Thursday, 12 February 2015


One of the things I like most about this hobby is making and painting things, particularly if you use scrap to do it.  To this day, when I see an empty cereal packet or some polystyrene in a skip, my first thought is always "what can I make out of that?" 
"Digestive biscuits, Sir!  Faahsands of 'em."
So this is what I created this week: boxes (plus a few rolled up carpets).  All very simple really.  The wooden crates are just balsa offcuts bound with thin card, and the ones with the tarpaulins over them are the really scraggy balsa offcuts and/or bits of polystyrene, with tissue paper glued over them.
"The party of the first part..."
The carpets started off as some pieces of T-shirt material, rolled up and tied off with thread, with some PVA glue to hold them together.  The idea was to make some more accessories for my 28mm Copplestone figures and here they are, on one of my scratch built cardboard and balsa river boats (note use of IKEA pencil for the funnel).
"Just keep schtumm Carruthers and the customs officers won't notice a thing."
I've been toying with running some skirmish games so these will come in handy for that.  We did play some Indian Mutiny skirmish games quite a long time ago and I still have some of the items that Geoff made at the time, including a welsh dresser and, my personal favourite, a war-weary billiard table.
This is what happens when you play billiards with a shotgun.
I did consider making an upright piano (or a pianolla?) this time round, but thought that might be taking it a bit far.  Maybe next week.


Phil said...

Creative and very nice!

Jay said...

Really great modeling one-of-a-kind scenery. The stuff looks really good! Lots of nice cover to hide behind, or explore.

Edwin King said...

Simple, but I'm sure no less satisfying for all that. One of the great pleasures is making something out of nothing!

Michael Peterson said...

Terrifically clever and inventive ideas there. Bravo. Sadly, that billiard table has seen better days.