Friday, 25 March 2011

ACW Positional Defence - Part 1

There are many great wargaming books out there and one of the best is Charles S Grant’s Scenarios for Wargames (1981).   A little while ago, my brother was keen to try out the free ACW rules Cold Harbour (from freewargamesrules) and so we decided to use the Positional Defence scenario to do this.  This is our version of the scenario map, done in MappingBoard.
The main idea of the scenario is that the defender (Union) has to fight off a determined Rebel attack and retain control of two of the three marked positions by the end of the game, comprising the villages A and B, and redoubt C. 

The scenario requires that the Rebels start on the baseline and Union troops cannot start further forward than village A.  Forces, modified from the scenario book, were as follows:

     Union                                 Confederate
4 regiments                             8 regiments
3 batteries                               2 batteries

The Union forces (mine) appeared to be a bit outnumbered but on the other hand had the benefit of a strong defensive position (and 3 redoubts to hide behind).

We played the game on our usual 6x4 ft table and it gave us a chance to give our old plastic 20mm Airfix/Revell/Esci troops an airing.  Also, all of our terrain is entirely home made and is the product of concerted effort over the last three and a half decades.  We’ve been through a lot together so it’s always nice to see them on the battlefield again!

Starting dispositions, viewed from the Union right flank, are shown on the following photo.

 I decided to spread the Union forces quite evenly with a battery in each redoubt and with one regiment placed midway between villages A and B, one regiment behind village A and two regiments placed to defend the gap between village A and redoubt C.  This was where I thought the rebels would try to get behind village A and/or isolate redoubt C. 

The Rebel forces were placed along the baseline, and as one might suspect, were concentrated on my centre-left opposite the gap between village A and redoubt C.  In addition, the crafty Rebels had placed some troops ready to infiltrate the woods on my far left flank.

The battle report will follow in the next post.

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