Friday, 5 August 2011

Wargaming Airborne Operations

I've had a copy of this 1977 Donald Featherstone book for a few years but the last time Geoff was round he expressed an interest in it, and as we've been in WW2 skirmish mode recently, I managed to get a copy for him from ebay (it's his birthday).
It's another one of those classics with lots of exciting pictures of barely or even unpainted plastic figures, paratroop drops using bits of tissue paper tipped out of a box and brilliant cardboard cutout gliders (that really glide!).  Such a contrast from today's slick presentation and requirements for this season's models and rule supplements (I digress).

Also, if you notice, every word of the book's title on the dust cover has a hyphen in it, which is quirky, to say the least.

Anyway, using the ideas in this book we have very successfully re-fought the D-Day landings and Operation Market Garden (And Crete?  I can't remember).  I even have a model of the Arnhem bridge in 1/72 scale somewhere...
...which looks remarkably like the one featured on pages 146-150 of the book.

Wait a minute.  Three posts in a row about books?  What's going on here?!


Arthur said...


I used to have all the Featherstone books, but sadly they have disappeared through the years.

And the bridge, looks familiar!


The Wishful Wargamer said...

Hello Arthur,
Featherstone's books are still very useful and you can still get them sometimes on ebay or through abebooks. Took me a while to find the bridge though (it was a bit squashed but I revived it!).

Cheers WW