Monday, 15 August 2011

DBA Boards

Not the most exciting thing to post about but I finally got around to making a new 24" x 24" DBA board.  My main interest has been in armies from Asia Minor and the ancient Middle East and therefore one side of the board is supposed to be 'desert'.  It's actually a bit more orange than this photo indicates but it was a bit driech when I took the photos.
The obverse is for 'temperate' regions although I don't have any DBA armies for those parts of the world (yet).  It's amazing though what you can do with some old hardboard and emulsion tester pots lying around the house.  Not really happy with the green top coat however (though it's not as lurid as the photo indicates), so will probably improve it later (once I can get to B&Q).
I collected a few ancient armies back in the early days (DBA 1.0), but have found, going to the current edition I have (DBA 2.0, although I understand it's up to 2.2 now), that there was a rethink in the lists at some point which means quite a few of my armies don't fit now and I can't remedy the situation without buying more figures.

All this presages my vague thoughts of doing a DBA campaign again (we did a great one back in 1994 using the old matchbox chest of drawers method for concealed movement); and whilst we wait for DBA 3.0, I thought to hell with it, I'll just use my old 1.0 lists and maybe employ the Berthier Campaign Manager this time (could be a solo project).

Of course nothing may come of this but at least I've got two sides of a board to play on now (not at the same time, obviously).

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