Monday, 22 August 2011

Black Powder

Aside from adventures in basing our old ACW armies (I'm about halfway through doing the Union army), I've been reading a few things including Black Powder, which arrived safe and sound from Amazon last week.
The rules have been reviewed a fair bit in various places so I'll not say much more here, other than so far I've found them enjoyable and interesting to read.  I like the command constraints mechanisms they offer, for example, although I might adopt some of the house rules out there after reading the discussions on the BP Yahoo group.  I may also put down some of my thoughts on the rules once we've played them a few times.

However, I have to say that they did grab me straight away with the faux pompous style (at least I hope it's faux) and in fact there is quite a bit of humour throughout: even the 'Black Lung' cigarette cards on the front are faintly amusing.  I expect such cards come with the cigars one is supposed to puff on furiously whilst playing in the billiard room.

So, some play testng in the offing, I predict, perhaps even with the ACW troops I'm re-basing...


Keith Flint said...

Hi Brian, I'm new to your blog, but I visited after you posted on mine about the copyright thing. Your thoughts were similar to mine in many ways, but I ended up realising that Henry did have a point. And we don't start these blogs in order to make enemies and piss people off.

Looking forward to your comments on Black Powder. I will keep visiting.

Cheers, Keith

The Wishful Wargamer said...

Thanks Keith. I put another comment on your blog as I thought it the best place to respond regarding your copyright post. And also Henry might see it as I was worried that he thought we were all out to get him, or something.

Yes, Black Powder is looking interesting but I want to wait until I've played it a few times before commenting further (could take a while).

regards WW