Saturday, 13 August 2011

Claymore 2011

I managed to get to SESWC's Claymore last weekend, as I have tried to do each year whenever possible.  I think the first one I went to was in about 1980 when they used to hold it in Adam House in Chambers Street; and the purchase of my first flat in Edinburgh in the mid-90s was no doubt subconsciously influenced by the fact that Claymore was by then using Meadowbank Stadium, just across the road.

The venue is now the spiffy new Telford College at Granton a mere 20 minutes cycle (it's downhill) from where I live on the southside (did anyone spot me in my black and green cycling gear?) and the event is bigger than ever, but just as friendly and accessible.

The problem with Claymore though (or should I say the problem with me) is that I find that I am probably too out of step with the way things are in the hobby now, in that there weren't really any games on display this year using the rules, scales or periods that I play (or would like to play).  I suspect though that this is because when I finally get into a period it can take me a decade or so to get the armies up and running....

However, it is great that such an event is organised in the capital every year and there is always inspiration to be found somewhere, even if you realise it later on, so kudos to SESWC for organising Claymore and running it so well.

Despite my slightly negative feelings about it all (I was worried there that I may be turning into Keith Flint) I did manage to achieve something and that was to find the last book in the five-volume Tank Battles in Miniature series, written by Messrs Quarrie and Featherstone, that I've been collecting fitfully for the last five years, and here it is:
I can't remember which vendor sold it to me but he kindly offered to double the price when I incautiously mentioned that I'd been looking for this for ages in order to complete the set.

And the delayed-reaction inspiration?  Well, I've ordered Black Powder and intend to expand into what will be a totally new period for me.  More of that later (see you in about 10 years!).

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