Friday, 16 August 2013

The WSS Project

Remarkably there has actually been activity on the War of the Spanish Succession front this summer.  The main achievements have been that a) some "15mm figures" from Blue Moon arrived (actually Old Glory Minatures UK Ltd) and b) I've decided what I am going to paint them as (well, the infantry at least).
Blue Moon 15mm Marlburians
When considering the WSS project my first thoughts turned to British and Dutch forces but Geoff has already got some Dutch regiments up and running (in addition to his French and Bavarian) so my attention turned to the Allies.  Although Marlborough led the Allies' campaigns there were troops from quite a number of other nations, which in fact often outnumbered the British contingent.

Looking through the OOB for the Battle of Blenheim, for example, it occured to me that the Danish brigades might be an interesting force to start with.  So my plan initially is to recreate Bielke's Brigade and Rebsdorff's Brigade under Lieutenant General Scholten, that formed part of the Allies' Austian right wing commanded by Eugène himself.  Note that I'm not aiming to copy the OOB for a particular battle, it's just that I like a bit of structure to what I'm planning.

Bielke's Regiments were:
  • Regiment of Foot Prince George (light grey coats, orange breeches, facings, etc.) (there were two battalions at the battle, but I'll just have one)
  • Regiment Dansk Den Kongelige Livgarde til fods (straw yellow coats, carmine red breeches, facings, etc.)
  • Regiment of Foot Prince Carl (light grey coats, grey breeches, yellow facings, etc.)
Rebsdorff's Regiments were:
  • Fynske Regiment of Foot (dark grey coats, green breeches, facings, etc.)
  • Sjaellandske Regiment of Foot (light grey coats, dark blue breeches, facings, etc.)
  • Regiment of Foot Christian Ulrich (light grey coats, grey breeches, crimson facings, etc.)
Uniform details are from CS Grant's excellent  The Armies and Uniforms of Marlborough's Wars Vol 1 (Partizan Press).  I also have ideas for some additonal regiments - probably British, as well as what Danish cavalry regiments to do.  I want to prepare a few Bourbon regiments as well, to supplement Geoff's French and Bavarians.  More of that, as well as the proposed rule set and basing, later.


scotty said...

Look forward to seeing your progress as it's one of my favourite periods

Ray Rousell said...

Like Scotty said, I'll too look forward to see somes of your Danes painted up!

The Wishful Wargamer said...

Thanks guys. By the way Ray, I just realised from your blog that you've painted a few period Danish troops yourself... were the artillery coats really that colour!? cheers WW

Ray Rousell said...