Saturday, 30 July 2011

Spanish Colonial Fortifications

I'm keen on making things for the wargames table and that usually means buildings (see previous posts), particularly structures that you might find in desert or arid environments.  Maybe it's because I'm from Scotland that I need a bit of simulated warmth now and then (I also lived in Granada for a while, which is probably the real reason).

Anyway, Spanish American buildings are one of the lines I'm interested in as I have a long term aim to wargame the Maximilian expedition in 15mm.  Furthermore, any such buildings may come in handy for Africa (AK47) and the ancient middle east (Lydia/ Persia).  Hence my latest purchase from Osprey:
And you know it's not just the Alamo in there, but lots of opportunities for interesting colonial interactions in the 18th century (or earlier) as well.  That said, I will of course still be relying on The Magnificent Seven for ideas on Spanish American architecture and ambience (not to mention Rosenda Monteros).


Gunrunner said...

Hi Brian, Saw this book on Saturday and was tempted to get it-perhaps I should have done!

The Wishful Wargamer said...

They seemed to have used quite a variety of building styles and materials - from classic adobe structures to Vauban inspired earthworks, soil and wood palisades and stone fortifications that wouldn't look out of place in Madrid or Lisbon. 18th century conflict between Britain and Spain in the New World is something you don't seem wargamed that often (hmmmm...). By the way, I recommend Amazon for this!