Tuesday, 26 July 2011

River Boat No.1

Developing my Darkest Africa theme (see previous posts) I considered that the intrepid explorers needed a bit of transport through the steamy jungle, and here it is:
This beauty is about 28mm scale and I made it using balsa for the hull and wheel house, cardboard for the sidewheels, lower cabin, bridge, upper deck and louvered doors, plus some matchsticks to hold the deck up.  The funnel is a short pencil from IKEA (it was free!) and therefore usefully hexagonal.
It actually started out like this but I modified it a bit, as you can see.
Some further modifications and additions are intended, not to mention painting, so I'll tell you about this when I've done them.  By the way, that Bell's miniature in the background traditionally holds paint thinner rather than whisky.  Desperate times call for desperate measures (pun intended).


Gunrunner said...

Hi WW, thanks for the welcome! I see we're both new to blogging. Love the scratch building sections of the blog-can I nick a few ideas re desert type buildings?


The Wishful Wargamer said...

Yes, I saw your blog and it struck a chord with me (I also liked the PP stuff you did). Sure help yourself!



Gunrunner said...