Monday, 13 June 2011

Desert Forces

Just a few shots of some other desert terrain and my axis forces in 1/300 scale that go with the desert fort I posted about earlier.  I got them out to see what forces I still needed and to add some more buildings.
Some Italian armour loitering in an Arab village.  Buildings are made of balsa offcuts coated in woodflex and painted.  The ruin's walls are made of the offcuts from the polystyrene disc that comes with pizzas you get from Sainsbury's.  It's a sort of poor-man's foam-board (you have to wash it before using).
A Semovente hiding in an oasis.  Classic pool of varnish pretending to be water there.
Something they're still fighting over in Libya.... and I'm not talking about the slices of toilet roll inner.
DAK forces descending through a gully.  All models are 1/300 Heroics and Ros.

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