Sunday, 26 June 2011

Darkest Africa No.6

Well, I finally finished the Copplestone Darkest Africa/Dinosaur Hunter figures.  It was the first time that I'd really tried painting large figures using the, what appears to be, now standard three stage process, i.e. laying down the dark shade colour, then painting in the main colour (leaving the deep folds and shaded areas) and finally picking out the highlights.
For my first attempt at this technique I think they've come out not bad, although perhaps I should have created a greater contrast between shades.  I had a bit of trouble with the eyes so just approximated these..
I need someone (or somethings) for them to fight now and will be working on that over the next few weeks, assuming I don't get distracted onto anything else.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011


I've got a wee bit behind with my Darkest Africa posts what with a) being unable to source any matt varnish directly (until yesterday - God bless Harburn Hobbies) and b) because I was sent off to London on business this morning.  It was meant to be Shetland today but someone changed my itinerary.

Luckily, as I write this, I'm sitting on the train back from Kings Cross (First class - at only £6 more than 2nd class, you'd be mad not to) scoffing sausage and mash washed down with G&T.  I'm a first class kinda guy ...

Anyway, having been sent down here on some fool's errand relating to Isembard Kingdom Brunel and potential interactions with rare mammals (don't ask), I was reminded of some joke or other, as I got on the tube at a well known railway station just south of the Thames, which goes something like this:

Insignificant man at party trying to impress haughty female:
"You know, one of my ancestors fell at Waterloo."

Suitably languid reply:
"Oh really?  Which platform."


Saturday, 18 June 2011

Darkest Africa No.5

Yet another post demonstrating progress with the allegedly intrepid ones.  I've done most of the shading now and have added in main colours and highlights on quite a few of them.
I couldn't quite manage the detail of the Harris tweed on the stout fellow with the deer-stalker but did give him a gold watch chain.
I'm sure these posts are literally like watching paint dry .... (geddit?) ... so I'll make the next one the last on this particular topic.  However, making myself report progress does motivate me somewhat....

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Darkest Africa No.4

Well, making some more progress on my Copplestone figures.  I've blocked in various shade colours and so should be getting on to the main colours and highlights later.
I've gone for various khaki, ochre and green shades with some sensible blue-grey flannels for the gentlemen.
Lofty's in his voluminous KDs (Khaki Drill) of course.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Darkest Africa No.3

I'm not much of a painter in terms of speed, motivation, skill or output but I've decided that I should really try to get those jobs finished I said I'd get done this year.  So, I've been cracking on with the Copplestone Darkest Africa figures and managed to make some progress and get some of the flesh tones done last night.
I'm trying to follow the Foundry three-stage method (sort of) by mixing up/down shades as I need them but it seems to be going OK.
I'm using Revell acrylics as there is a plentiful supply in my local model store (Wonderland, on Lothian Road, Edinburgh).

Monday, 13 June 2011

Desert Forces

Just a few shots of some other desert terrain and my axis forces in 1/300 scale that go with the desert fort I posted about earlier.  I got them out to see what forces I still needed and to add some more buildings.
Some Italian armour loitering in an Arab village.  Buildings are made of balsa offcuts coated in woodflex and painted.  The ruin's walls are made of the offcuts from the polystyrene disc that comes with pizzas you get from Sainsbury's.  It's a sort of poor-man's foam-board (you have to wash it before using).
A Semovente hiding in an oasis.  Classic pool of varnish pretending to be water there.
Something they're still fighting over in Libya.... and I'm not talking about the slices of toilet roll inner.
DAK forces descending through a gully.  All models are 1/300 Heroics and Ros.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Matilda on the March

This Commando book (No. 933) from 1975 has haunted my dreams for years - until I found it on ebay not so long ago.  It was reprinted in 1989 (as No. 2259), apparently with the same cover.  I know, slightly too much information but, well, it is a classic.
It is also still an inspiration for all the various bits of desert terrain and (admittedly) Afrika Korps resources I've built up.  And I also like the cover with the interesting low level light source silhouetting the Germans and highlighting the Matilda (and the grenade).  In the book the dialogue goes "Was ist das?"  as the grenade sails into the Kubelwagen followed by "Gott in Himmel!" and "Argh!" as it goes off.