Saturday, 5 September 2015

Claymore 2015

I know it was a month ago (always the first Saturday in August) but I've finally got around to uploading my pictures from Claymore 2015, which is put on every year by the SESWC in Edinburgh.  For the first time I took my son who is 12, so it was interesting to see his reaction and/or indifference to the games as the case may be.  Anyway, here are some photos.
These are a couple of shots from a Very British Civil War game.  My son was intrigued by the various factions on the table including Mosley's BUF Blackshirts (or whatever they were). 
When their political sympathies were explained he loudly hissed the word "Fascist!" in the style of the landlady doing the crossword in the film "Hot Fuzz" at the point when Sgt Angel turns up at the hotel.

The following are some pictures from a Gallipoli game (I think) with French troops attacking a Turkish position.  I rather liked the scenery and set-up.  I think this was put on by the RAF Leuchars Wargame Club.

However, this was the game that my son was most interested in, a public-participation Halo box set game developed by Spartan Games.  Apparently there is a quite popular electronic version of it on the X-box thingy.  Not my bag really (starter set reduced to only £60!), but he enjoyed it (for an hour or so until we dragged him away), chucking armfuls of dice and giving weaponry tips to the game designer, allegedly.

Finally, some pictures of a Vietnam game.  I was particularly interested in the vegetation as I've a few packages on the way with various artificial plants in them that I needed inspiration for.

Overall then another enjoyable day spent wandering around the tables and wondering how the students at the Edinburgh College can live long enough to graduate if they risk the catering more than once a month.

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Michael Awdry said...

Cracking looking games, but I've always had a hankering to do Vietnam, probably as a result of the glut of movies that came out in the 80s; the surfers look very cool!