Friday, 29 July 2016

Affordable Ruins

Further to a previous post where I made some 1/300 scale 'affordable housing' I thought I'd construct some ruins to go with them.
The aim was to make beaten-up versions of a few of the undamaged buildings to replace them or to be standalone, as required.
My construction method was the same as before using polystyrene packaging (poor man's foamboard) and cardboard.

Before and after, sort of.
Wooden floors and roofs were devised by scoring and nicking coardboard sections, with some rafters and additional beams glued in place as required.
'Nice bit of planking'
The various planks, bricks, tiles and rubble were easily made by taking thin slices of cardboard (using a scalpel) and cutting them into appropriately sized bits.
Everything was glued together using standard PVA, with judicious placing of rubble piled up within and around the walls.
The models were then undercoated in black acrylic and painted in similiar colour schemes to the houses I'd made previously.
So, that's plenty to be going on with for now.  I was thinking to do some bridges next and then some roads,so watch this space.


Jay said...

Now that is nice modeling!

Paul Foster said...


George Wyllie said...

Low deposit, a doer-upper. Looking good.