Friday, 1 February 2013

Freighters and Drifters

A major issue for naval squadrons operating during wartime far from home base, and with the risk of internment if they lingered too long in port anywhere, was the continual problem of coaling and resupply.

As I've blogged earlier I'm thinking of some sort of WW1 early war campaign using the Berthier Campaign Manager based on the attempt of von Spee's East Asia Squadron to get out of the Pacific, into the Atlantic and possibly even make it back to Germany (or internment in Montevideo or similar).
SS Titania
One of the support ships that von Spee relied on was the Titania, completed in 1897 in Newcastle upon Tyne for the Finnish Merchant Navy.  It was subsequently converted to a supply ship in 1914 and was sunk at Mas a Fuera on 19 November 1914.
SS Titania - Navwar 1/3000
This is the Navwar version - not quite the same colour scheme as the one I found on the photoship website - so I may redo it in a more tropical guise.  One of the scenarios I was thinking about, particularly for an SMS Emden campaign, was the difficulties of warships and supply ships trying to meet up without being detected and this is where the Titania would come in.
SMS Emden
In addition, there are options for ships such as the Emden preying on merchant ships as it did successfully in the Indian Ocean and elsewhere.  Navwar do various cargo ships but I thought that something called the A/B Standard ship would fit the bill.  Here is the War Brahmin, listed as a freighter of this type.
A/B Standard Ship - War Brahmin
According to the Navwar website these ships date from 1917 and many operated into WW2 so, although a bit late for the Emden era, it will do and can also be used for WW2 actions, should I ever get around to them.  Here is the Navwar version of this class of ship.
I was a bit closer to the mark with the colour scheme with this one as you can see.


Phil said...

Great looking ships...and historical background!

The Wishful Wargamer said...

Thanks Phil - historical context is everything for me! And I'm not much of a painter but I enjoy painting them when I get the time.

Crian Shields said...

thanks for this very informative post - it actually came up in google when I was trying to paint some of my Skytrex A/B cargo ships. I had no idea of colours, so something that actually gives them, and the photoship website was quickly bookmarked!

I see that you live in Edinburgh -I am also located here, and have been looking for people to do war gaming with. If you could point me towards places/people, that would be awesome!

Deon Whittaker said...

Just trawling through a box of unlabelled ship, managed to find the A/B standard shown here- many thanks for that :) 60 more to go!