Thursday, 7 February 2013

Panthers in Skirts

Spring must be in the air because I'm feeling the urge to make things again.  I'd actually constructed these Armourfast 1/72 scale Panther Ausf. G a while ago and as they are modelled with side rails I decided to add some side skirts to them (Schürzen).
The plates are basically 15mm by 10mm (approx.) rectangles that I cut from thinnish plasticard just glued on so that they were slightly uneven with variable gaps between them.  Having looked at various photos on-line there seems to be some variation in the number and dimensions of plates that were generally used.  I went with five on each side to match the Hasegawa Panther in the background, which comes with Schürzen fitted as standard.  Similarly the fastening arrangements seemed to differ so I just added some little slips of cut up business card to represent these - it'll be good enough for wargaming, that's my mantra.

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