Sunday, 30 November 2014

ACW Adventures in Basing No.7

Well, I finally got around to basing the (mainly) Airfix ACW artillery to go along with all the other Airfix figures I'd based last year, ostensibly for use with Regimental Fire and Fury, but could work for Black Powder, etc., (of course it turns out it was 2012 that I did most of time flies).   First, however, I thought I'd show you a conversion that Geoff did from some Esci Crimean War Russians.
Clint Eastwood thoughtfully keeps a cannon ball warm under his poncho
As you can see this group is replete with a model of "The Man with No Name", although you'd be sure to remember the name of a guy loading up your artillery piece if he was wearing a poncho and sombrero.
Here are some before and after shots from basing up the Union artillery.  I decided that I wanted them on 40mm x 60mm bases, and to avoid having to send off for more pre-cut mdf, I just glued two 40mm x 30mm bases together, edge on, and put some thin card on top to strengthen them.
Once fixed together I gave the bases an undercoat of basic earth colour and then glued the figures on.  And here is the same treatment with the Confederate artillery.
As usual, I decorated the bases by covering them in PVA glue and then dipping them into this big tub of shelly sand I collected from a local beach a few years ago.  A few stones and other bits and pieces were added for effect.
Once dry I just added some more patches of PVA and finished off with Javis flock.  Sometimes I paint the sand earth colour and dry brush before flocking, but considered this time that it would be too awkward to try that with so many figures on the bases.

So, not sure what's next up, although I did find a box of Union artillerymen that I had converted from Airfix Napoleonic Royal Horse Artillery some time ago, so I expect they'll be next, once I get some suitable guns ordered (or converted).

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Paul Foster said...

Great basing. The Clint Eastwood pose rocks!

Nice one.