Sunday, 27 March 2016


A few years ago I started a project building up modern or post-war African armies in the style of Peter Pig's AK47.  This progression from gaming nothing later than 1945 started mainly as a result of spending a lot of time playing the ARMA series of military simulations (commencing with Operation Flashpoint and currrently up to ARMA3).
Furthermore, in the last few years, I've actually been getting to go to the Africa (lately Uganda and Gabon) as part of my job and therefore seeing (incidentally) some of this hardware first hand.
Anyway, since first encountering them I've been quite taken with the Soviet era APCs and I have acquired a few of various types to add to my forces.  So anyway, this is the 15mm scale BTR70 from QRF.
As you can see the model is quite simple and perhaps even a bit crude, but at this scale a robust model that makes a good representation on the table is really all you need.
BTR70 from ARMA3 (on Isla Duala)
The thing I was going after was the BTR70 that comes with the RHS mod for ARMA3, which is a pretty cool vehicle and remarkably detailed inside.  Not that you get that with a 15mm white metal kit.
BTR70 and some Peter Pig figures for scale
After assembling and undercoating in black acrylic, it was easy enough to paint it the usual Soviet green (I use Tamiya JA Green) and then give the thing a black wash to pick out some details and some muddy dry-brushing to weather it a bit.

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