Saturday, 19 March 2016

More Airfix French Redux

Well, it's been a while since I posted on my blog having been away quite a lot in the intervening period, to Turkmenistan, Gabon, Uzbekistan and Austria if you must know (the last one was a holiday).  However, in the meantime I have not been entirely idle.
So, I've done a bit of painting.  These are 1/72 scale Airfix figures and are in fact the 'infantrymen' you get in the Airfix French Artillery pack.
They've got longer swords than infantry are supposed to have and the usual Arifix 'character' but they don't look too bad once painted up.  The drummer is a standard Airfix French infantry figure.
I should add that the officer is actually the French artillery sergeant that comes with the set, but with a bicorne made out of plasticine.  After I'd taken the photos I noticed a wee blob of blue paint on the end of the bicorne but that's gone now.

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Phil said...

Excellent job on these Frenchies!