Monday, 9 March 2020

Building Again

Just a post to indicate that I've not been completely idle over the last few weeks since I last put something on the blog.  As is usually the case, when I've needed a break from painting figures (and actually getting some games in), I've been making things.
One of Geoff's - I just added the roof
In this case a brace of 15mm-ish European buildings that could be used for any period.
They're not quite all done yet but they started off like this - polystyrene sheet walls glued onto a piece of cardboard.  The next stage was to separate them and add the wall timbers made from sliced up coffee stirrers just fixed onto the walls with PVA glue. 
That's wood that is.
As I had time the (removable) roofs were made from thin card cut up into individual tiles and then glued in rows onto the underlying cardboard structure.  Quite time consuming but worth it.
Spot the difference?
And this is how they looked when painted up and based; and since I photographed these I've added leading to the windows with a Sharpie (attention to detail is everything, even if no-one else notices). Now just to get on with all the other things I've been planning...


Phil said...

Very nice again!

marinergrim said...

I like those. A lot.