Wednesday, 23 May 2012

ACW Adventures in Basing No.5

Actually, this post isn't about basing per se, but does address the issue that the Union forces (i.e. mine) never really had cavalry.  But they do now.
And it's these - 1:72 Italieri Union Cavalry, bought a few years ago (see price tag) but heading to the top of the pile.
They are actually excellent figures and I'm looking forward to getting on with painting them, much though I tend to put that part of the process off for as long as possible.
The good news is that I am slowly inching towards arranging a play test of the Regimental Fire & Fury Rules I bought last year, not to mention a go at Black Powder, which seems to be a strangely persistent set of rules (a good thing!) and which was to be my new project from last summer but work and other things sadly got in the way.

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