Wednesday, 2 May 2012

ACW Adventures in Basing No.4

With the infantry more or less all based up, for the legendary 20mm plastic Regimental Fire & Fury and/or Black Powder ACW project (see earlier posts), I thought it was time to start on cavalry.
These are some lance armed cavalry (they are meant to be a Texas regiment) that Geoff did a long while ago and I took the opportunity to base them this month.
The figures are actually very special because Geoff converted them from Esci Napoleonic Polish Lancers, and therefore I thought I'd feature closeups of them all.
As before, basing was done on 2mm thick MDF stands covered with very coarse shelly sand from my local beach, with some Jarvis autumn mix static grass on top, all glued on with PVA.
There is quite a variety of uniforms and in fact each figure is different.  Well, you might as well if you're converting them.
As always, the Esci figures are great in their own right and are a very nice starting point - I think that they have converted across very well.
As you can see, a lot of carving, adding on paper coats and plasticine hats - much more effort than I can usually manage.
Anyway, they're done now so on to the next lot of ACW troops.

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