Friday, 1 June 2012

A River Runs Through It No.2

Random pieces of tile are all well and good but they aren't quite river sections.  Having cut the tile pieces to shape the next thing was to paint the exposed edges the same colour as my DBA board - a sort of yellow orange emulsion named, obscurely, gamboge (that's Dulux for you).
I dry-brushed the river 'banks' with the same colour and then, using PVA, glued on some coarse shelly sand that I got from an East Lothian beach, with the paint showing through here and there.
The sections were finished with a sparse coverage of Javis type Winter Mix static grass, which is slightly yellowish and therefore suitable for the arid type terrain and baseboard that I use for my DBA/DBM forces (mainly Lydian, which I imagine to operate in the dryer areas of Asia Minor).
My DBA board is 'temperate' green on the obverse and the river sections work just as well on it too.  Result.

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