Sunday, 3 April 2011

Russo-Japanese War - Berthier

In my previous post I showed you a copy of a very nice map I’d found of the Japanese Empire 1904/05 that could be used as a basis for a Russo-Japanese War naval campaign.

As I’m keen on the Berthier Campaign Manager I thought I could use the Grid Map function and prepare a campaign map from the original map.  In case you are unaware of this little programme that comes with Berthier, Grid Map allows you to use a bitmap image of a real map and to impose a grid over it. 

The squares can then be marked with different colours which represent various terrain types, that can be given different attributes in the campaign.  For example certain units cannot move over defined terrain types (such as land), which makes sense in a naval campaign. 

The file can then be saved and used as the basis for your Berthier campaign.  Anyway, after a short time I came up with this:
If you compare it to the original map you can see that it has turned out quite well (I think so, anyway).

Note that as it is will be a naval campaign I haven’t specified the different types of land terrain (which seemed a bit notional on the original map anyway); however, I have marked railways in green, towns/ports in purple (magenta?) as these may be strategically important and the Yangtze River in buff (it's muddy), as this could be navigable for some ship types.

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