Thursday, 7 April 2011

Wish List No. 2

This continues my ramblings on current wargaming periods and what I’m planning to do down the line and when I get back to Blighty.

20mm ACW
We’ve quite a few 20mm plastic ACW figures stored away that get an airing now and then (see earlier posts).  We started out with home grown rules but have used Circa 1863 (slightly modified) for a very long time.  However, I’m looking seriously now at Regimental Fire & Fury (and vanilla F&F) which would mean wholesale rebasing.  It’s possible that I may just start again with a 15mm ACW project (Geoff already has).

My cavalry is actually all 30mm plastic Spencer Smiths (there weren’t any 20mm plastics when I did them as Airfix had stopped making the 7th Cavalry at the time) but I now have some Revell ACW cavalry to paint up, which are very nice figures.  There’s plenty of terrain available though some of this needs ‘refurbishment’ and there are one or two additional buildings I think are necessary.

I bought two whole AK47 Version 1 Peter Pig armies on ebay last year and they’ve never been used; and I have a well thumbed copy of the Version 1 rules but may need to upgrade.   After playing the computer game Operation Flashpoint (and ARMA/ARMA2) for years, I’m keen on supplementing one of the armies with some BMPs, which are on my to-do list.

As an alternative to AK47, I downloaded a copy of Ambush? some years ago (before Jerboa went commercial) and they look like a good free modern infantry combat set for low level warfare, so I am keen to try those out at some point.

I’ve got various 15mm (up to 20mm) African style modern buildings half made, including shanties, a hotel and 1950s style airport terminal, which I’ll need to finish off (watch this space). Some of these are generic enough to be used for other earlier periods in arid terrain (also watch this space).   In addition, other terrain pieces including walls, palm trees, thorn trees, banana trees (after seeing them here), advert boards (Welcome to the Rumbabwe Hilton!) and factories are planned.  Figures may need rebasing also as they’re just PVA and flock at the moment.

WW1 Naval (General Quarters)
I have some Navwar 1:3,000 scale German and British warships (mainly cruisers, destroyers and some merchantmen) and have had one or two WW1 games using General Quarters 2 which is a fine set of rules.  The plan with these was to run a solo campaign in Berthier based on commerce raiding in the far east and/or Indian Ocean. I’m hoping to have a few more games with what I’ve got and intend to build up fleets gradually.

More wish-lists later.

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